Glowbite Mighty Micro Bait - Micro Paddler Sampler Pack

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Mighty Micro Paddler Baits are ultra small soft baits designed for use in saltwater. Featuring extremely sharp hooks that wont get crushed or bent by a big snapper or kingfish, Mighty Micro Baits come with three different weights of jig head to cover a full range of scenarios. 
Includes six soft baits that are 55mm long with built in natural squid scent. Made from TPR, these baits are super stretchy and tough enough to withstand the jaws of multiple big angry fish.
6g (3/16 oz) Jig Head
8g (1/4 oz) Jig Head
12g (3/8 oz) Jig Head
2x Orange UV Glow Paddler
2x Blue Sparkle Paddler
2x Caramello Paddler