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Tested & Proven

Join the test team and to be the first to try out our most cutting edge fishing innovations.

Fishing Innovators is a group dedicated to seeing New Zealand become recognized as the premier designer of fishing tackle in the world.

We do this by continually developing new methods, refining them for New Zealand conditions and testing as scientifically as possible to ensure that they actually catch more fish.

Clever and persistent marketing will convince some people some of the time, but to be recognised as the best long term, you actually need to be the best!

Be part of a community dedicated to developing the best fishing tackle in the world.

We, kiwis, are known for our ingenuity and can-do attitude. We also have some of the best fishing in the world, so why do we let other countries develop our fishing tackle?

  • Test out new fishing tackle as soon as soon as it is released.

  • Join our exclusive FB group of friendly like-minded anglers

  • Have your say on what new lures and fishing accessories to develop

Get access to local and expert support from seasoned kiwi anglers.

We talk the talk and walk the walk. We don't just develop lures; we use them fanatically! Our team of local anglers from all over NZ actively share tips and tricks on how to catch more and bigger fish using our tackle.

  • Responsive local team of fellow anglers keen to help and answer your questions whether you are a beginner or a seasoned angler

  • Support from a team who have first hand experience in fishing in the same local waters as you do

  • Exclusive tips and tricks videos released with every lure package

Enjoy the latest and greatest lures before anyone else gets them.

Fishing Innovators subscribers get the latest Glowbite lures before they are even released to the shops!

  • Enjoy the surprise of getting the newest and the most innovative fishing kits delivered direct to your home.

  • Try out a whole variety of new lures at amazing value and without the hassle of going shopping.

  • Continous development and refinement for New Zealand conditions paired with our scientific testing ensures you actually catch more fish. Our lures are proving deadly on many fish species in New Zealand and around the globe.