Glowbite Lightning Rod – Hyper Pilly

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Weight: 180g

Turn on the lights, turn on the fish!

Lightning Rod lures from Glowbite contain a water activated, fish attracting light that imitates light reflected off a stressed baitfish and really gets the monsters of the deep excited! These lures are engineered to drop horizontally through the water column, rocking on descent to reflect as much light as possible. On retrieve they pivot at the concave mid-section for a unique ?fish tail? action that darts erratically with maximum hang time.

Sold with best-in-class, extra strong, sharp hooks, Owner rings and Kevlar assist chord, nothing has been spared to bring you a best quality jig that works on even the most wary fish.

Glowbite Lightning Rod Mechanical Jig Features:
Lights turn on automatically in water
Lights turn off when dry
Battery lasts more than 50 hours in water
Light flashes 3x every second
Offset tail weight and a concave section for increased flutter and hang time
Supplied with top of the range Owner SJ-41 jigging hook, 120 kg Kevlar braid and Owner rings