Glowbite Jack Flash – Jack Mack

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Weight: 60g

Jack Flash – slow pitch dynamite!
The worlds most technically advanced slow pitch lure. Top quality components with the following features:
Stressed Fish Flash Flashing light that imitates the reflection off a stressed bait fish. Light lasts more than 70 hours in water with improved on/off activation.
Center weighted with deep concave on upper surface This causes the lure to fall flat and the deep concave causes cavitation above the lure, increasing hang time and rock as the lure falls. The action of these lures has to be seen to be believed!
Fish Attractant Dispenser Insert your favourite fish attractant sauce into the purpose-built cavity in the lure and enjoy the benefit of a scent trail behind your lure.
Dinner Bells Rattles that can be added in for sound and vibration. We have tested these extensively and fish love them!
Supplied with two solid rings Connect to the solid ring without hooks so the hooks can move freely and be easily sucked into the mouth of a predator fish, or remove the solid ring without hooks for a more traditional rig. Comes with Kevlar assist chords.
Extra strong, sharp and rust-resistant hooks.

Check this link for video tips and tricks on how to rig and fish these deadly lures