Replacement lights



Includes 3 lights, instructions, and postage and packaging

Replacement lights can be fitted to your lure in the following way:

  1. Remove the old light by placing the lure on an old jandal or similar (to protect paintwork) and then place on a hard surface. Use a hammer and punch (or large nail) to knock the old light out by striking firmly down against the hard surface.
  2. Test that the new light fits into the hole. Resistance may mean that there is some residual glue around the inside of the hole that needs to be scraped off with a pocket knife or similar.
  3. Put a few drops of epoxy* glue (araldite or similar) in the groove that runs around the new light and push it into the hole. Centre the light in the hole and wipe off any excess glue.
    *hot glue can also be used as a substitute for epoxy.
  4. Allow the glue to dry and then go fishing 😊

Tight lines!