Dragster Lures


Imitation Flounder Lure
8 grams weight
Supplied in 4x UV reflective colours
Comes with 2x Owner weedless hooks with patented TwistLOCK lure retainers

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Baby flounder are a favourite food for snapper, kingfish and many other fish species. When many other styles of fishing are not working, catch the big fish by imitating their favourite food!
Dragster lures have high UV reflectance that makes them highly visible to fish.
Rig with supplied hooks for soft bait fishing in shallow water and around structure or use a heavier, conventional jig head and bounce off the bottom in deep water.
Supplied with 2x Owner brand weedless hooks and TwistLOCK lure. Hooks are 4/0 size, 5 gram weighted, 5167W-034 model.